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Root Canal Therapy

Montrose Dental Care is equipped with a limited field CT machine that produces a limited size 3-D image. This 3- dimensional radiograph can be helpful during both diagnosis and treatment of a root canal, showing variations in root canal systems or infections sometimes not seen on a regular dental x-ray.

A root canal procedure involves removing the inflamed or necrotic nerve tissue from inside a tooth. After this is done, the dentist cleans, disinfects, fills and seals the remaining space.

Montrose Dental Care uses a Fotona Lightwalker dental laser and the PIPS technique (photon-induced photoacoustic streaming technique) as a step in root canal treatment. This technique was designed to help disinfect all aspects of the root canal chamber, including hard to clean areas, assisting the creation of a sterile environment before filling and sealing of the canals.

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