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Emergencies and Extractions

Extraction of teeth is something we do as a last resort measure in the mouth. If extraction is ultimately the choice made for the patients tooth the Montrose dental team will use all resources available to allow for the most functional option for the edentulous space in the mouth. Bone grafting can be done in office to help aid in the formation of bone to allow the patient a higher chance for dental implants in the future. Although Dental implants are not placed in office, we will send a referral to a trusted professional and will preform the restoration of yur implant

Whether it is Fixing broken teeth, loss of dental crowns, loss of dental fillings, toothaches or sport injuries; if you are unsure CALL 780-992-9922 we would be happy to assist your dental needs whether by finding an appointment for you in the schedule or helping you over the phone our main concern is to keep your teeth and gums healthy

If this is a true dental emergency and you are a patient of record call 780-929-9922 and you will be redirected to our emergency cell phone.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!